See life more clearly when you have cataract surgery at the Davis Eye Center. Cataracts are common in those over 50 and symptoms include blurry vision, halos, difficulty reading and poor night vision.

Dr. Davis has performed over 30,000 cataract procedures to date and all surgeries are performed at our on-site ambulatory surgery center, so you can feel confident you will receive the best care possible when you choose the Davis Eye Center. Cataract surgery removes your affected lens and replaces it with a new one, so you can see life’s most precious moments with extreme clarity.

As always, we’ll recommend the best treatment for you—even if it’s with another doctor. Our goal is to make sure you have the best experience and receive the care that’s right for your eyes.

Cataract Technology

Davis Eye Center is proud to be the first practice in Northeast Ohio to offer the LenSx Laser System. Cataract procedures have never before been this accurate, or efficient.

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With Cataracts

your vision is blurry with cataracts

Without Cataracts

cataract removal can give you clear vision

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Our staff is here to answer any questions you may have about Cataracts. View our Frequently Asked Questions to get started.

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