Extremely Thorough Exam

Very friendly doctors. I was very impressed with the doctor I saw. Extremely thorough exam. The staff did a great job with my 6 year old daughter as well. They offer a lot of designer frames but have some cheaper ones too.
Chris Mac

From Blurry to Clear

I had LASIK eye surgery yesterday morning and from the moment I got up from the table I could already see better. I went in for my follow up and I went from anything more then a foot away being extremely blurry to clear and 20/20. The procedure was under 10 minutes long and was completely painless. It was strange and maybe a bit weird but nothing that should stop anyone from doing it. Staff was great and I'm so happy I decided to have it done.
Joe Petriella

Completely at Ease

I can't say enough wonderful things about The Davis Eye Center. The staff is amazing and Dr Davis is remarkable with his laid back professional demeanor that puts you completely at ease. I'm glad we chose Davis Eye Center for my husbands cataract surgery.
Linda Martin

They are the Best

They are the best. My husband had cataract surgery. He was seeing clearly as soon as tape was removed. No redness or pain. He appreciated the gift the doctor gave him. All the staff was excellent and did an wonderful job of calming him before the surgery. He will be having the other eye done soon
Wanda Hicks

Great Vision After My LASIK

Fantastic experience with staff and the best part of it - great vision after my LASIK! I see better than I did with glasses and contacts, no night blindness, no halos, no light sensitivity, healed quickly, and I am so happy I went to Dr Davis!
Rachel Gordon

Happy With My Entire Experience

Very happy with my entire experience today. I had LASIK and went in so nervous. The staff was so friendly and put me at ease and the best part, less than 24hours later and I can see great! Thanks to Dr. Davis and all of his wonderful nurses.
Janey Ames