Davis Eye Center | Mission Trips

Though serving our community comes first, we consider it a great privilege to serve those outside of our community as well. Dr. and Mrs. Davis and a team from Davis Eye Center began taking surgical mission trips in 2016. To be part of something bigger than our local practice has been both rewarding and challenging. Acting on our belief that everyone should have access to quality eye care, we are working to eradicate blindness caused by cataracts, as we seek to serve the underserved of Jamaica.

It all began …

Dr. Davis’ first mission trip in 2007 was to Mozambique, Africa, where he screened and provided eyeglasses to those in need. Though extremely valuable to the people served, he struggled with being unable to fix the larger problem, loss of vision due to cataracts. When asked to go to Haiti in January 2016 to perform cataract surgery, Dr. Davis felt compelled to use his surgical skills to restore sight for the poorest of the poor. Following that impactful first surgical mission trip, Dr. Davis was approached by an acquaintance, Dr. Doug McCloy, an optometrist from Columbus, Ohio, who asked him to consider doing cataract surgery in Jamaica.

Mission of Sight

Dr. Doug McCloy is the Executive Director of a non-profit organization in Jamaica called Mission of Sight. Understanding the immense impact vision has on quality of life, Mission of Sight’s objective has been to help those affected by impaired vision. They partner with local professionals to provide excellent eye care as well as visiting medical teams who offer surgical procedures. The Gamertsfelder Mission Center in Frome, Jamaica, was completed in 2013, housing an eye clinic and surgery center. Dr. Davis and team first traveled to Frome in April 2016 to perform cataract surgery, returning 2-3 times a year since, performing up to 90 cataract surgeries per trip.

One of the greatest complications of cataract removal is a post-operative infection.
Through our partnership with Mission of Sight, we can rest assured that high-quality post-operative care is being provided to our surgical patients. This gives us confidence that our patients will recover and reap the benefits of their improved sight.

We are beyond grateful for the opportunity to take our team’s skill set and tum it into a gift for those without access to cataract surgery. Dr. Davis and the entire team are truly humbled by the opportunity to make an impact with vision-restoring surgeries. To learn how you can help by contributing to Mission of Sight, please visit their website.

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