Don’t Suffer from Dry Eye Any Longer. Choose the IRPL Treatment and Feel Better Fast!

Dry Eye Disease is on the rise among patients who are aging and with our youth too! You don’t have to suffer from Dry Eye any longer. The doctors of Davis Eye Center now offer the latest treatment so that you can have quick and long-lasting relief!

The vast majority, 86%, of people who suffer from dry eye have the evaporative form of dry eye. The Intense Regulated Light (IRPL) therapy is dedicated to the treatment of eye dryness in its evaporative form, resulting from Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD).

Intense Regulated Pulsed Light Targets Dry Eye at its Source by:

  • Unclogging meibomian glands
  • Improving meibomian gland function
  • Reducing Inflammation
  • Improving tear film quality and stability by restoring the lipid layer of the tear film covering your eyes

Unlike past treatments, the IRPL may potentially regenerate the meibomian gland structure.

How does IRPL Work?

The IRPL has patented technology that generates calibrated and homogeneously sequenced light pulses. These regulated light pulses are precisely set to target the nerves connected to the Meibomian Glands to encourage their return to normal function. The treatment is non-invasive, entirely painless, and harmless to the eye.

The treatment only takes a few minutes per session. Patients are comfortably seated. A protective eye mask is placed over the patient’s eyes and a gel is applied to the cheekbones and temporal areas. A series of 5 flashes is applied under and above each eye. The gel is then wiped off and the treatment is complete.

How Long Will The Treatment Provide Relief From Dry Eye

The IRPL treatments are cumulative and the effects of each treatment build upon the previous one. Most patients begin to feel relief after the 3rd and 4th treatments.  Studies show that patients will likely need a single maintenance treatment once per year, however, this will depend on the symptoms of each patient.

Simple, Fast & Highly Efficient

The patient will receive 3-4 sessions. The sessions will be scheduled within a specific timeframe for optimum results. We recommend a minimum of at least 3 treatments and will advise you on a 4th treatment depending on your individual needs.

Who Will Benefit From the IRPL Treatment?

Our doctors will recommend the IRPL treatment based on your test results and history. The treatment will likely be recommended if:

• You have chronic dry eye
• You have meibomian gland dysfunction
• Other treatments have not provided long-term relief
• Your glands have deteriorated

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