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Back to School Eye Exams and Kids Eye Exam Near Me

Have you been looking for a kid’s eye exam near me? Back to school eye exams are critical in preparing students to learn. Screenings can often provide some indication of a child’s ocular function and health, but they do not provide a full picture of his or her vision. 

However, comprehensive eye exams do allow physicians to make specific recommendations to preserve or improve a child’s eye health. 

While a vision screening may indicate a child’s ability to see objects, such as letters on a board, from several feet away, it can discount underlying vision issues. Significantly, there are no universal standards for passing a childhood vision screening; the results of such screenings are often arbitrary. 

In addition, these screenings are often ineffective in gauging the eye health of children under four years of age; younger children are often uncooperative during such screenings. 

A comprehensive eye exam consists of an assessment for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. During an exam, a physician also monitors eye teaming skills, eye tracking skills, visual alignment, focus, and the convergence of eye muscles, along with other factors. 

Key Considerations and Milestones

In most cases, it is ideal for a child to have his or her first comprehensive eye exam at 6 months of age. He or she should have another exam at the age of 3 and another at age 5 or 6 just before beginning the first grade. 

Following this exam, a school-aged child should undergo a pediatric eye exam every two years if his or her physician has not determined there is a need for vision correction. However, children who wear glasses or contact lenses should have exams on a yearly basis or as recommended by their physicians. 

Tell your child’s doctor about any past failures of school eye screenings and about any family history of eye disease. You should also be sure to tell your child’s physician about any observed motor development delays, poor eye contact maintenance, frequent blinking, or excessive eye rubbing. 

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