Over the years, our Cuyahoga Falls office and Center for Surgery quickly became one of the most advanced ophthalmology centers in the country. Our doctors have access to cutting edge LASIK and cataract removal technology ensuring our Akron LASIK surgery patients receive the best care possible when they choose the Davis Eye Center.

LASIK eye surgery only takes a few minutes from the time you walk in the door to the time you leave. But don’t mistake its brevity for ineffectiveness. LASIK is a powerful corrective vision procedure that can give you better vision than ever before.

We house the WaveLight EX500 for extremely safe, accurate and advanced LASIK and PRK procedures as well as the LenSx laser for optimal cataract removal. We have this technology on-site because we believe that our patients deserve the best care—no matter what.

The WaveLight Refractive Suite can transform your vision. Exclusive WaveLight technology creates a topographic map of a patient’s eye to customize laser movement patterns with optimal precision. Featuring a 1050 Hz multi-dimensional eye-tracking system for fast and accurate placement. The refractive technology creates a cornea flap in about six seconds. It also gives surgeons access to patients’ medical information in real-time during a LASIK procedure.

Our Cuyahoga Falls office is also home to a world-class optical care center where patients can have eye exams and purchase contacts or eyeglasses.

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LASIK & Cataract Removal in Akron, Ohio

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