Athletes Who Have Had LASIK | How Safe is LASIK

How safe is LASIK surgery?  Before considering this common procedure, it’s crucial to ask important questions.

Two of the Davis Eye Center’s top priorities are the quality of our patient’s eye care and their comfort.  We want our patient’s to be confident in their choice to undergo LASIK. Therefore, we do everything we can to help calm any fears.

From interpreting our surroundings to allowing us to perform our jobs, vision plays a key role in the quality of our lives.  If there’s anyone who knows this, asides from Eye Doctors, it’s professional athletes!

How Can LASIK Help

LASIK is a routine procedure that uses a laser to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism.  As a result, LASIK provides patients with sharp vision without the use of contacts or glasses. For athletes, this is ideal.

Dealing with glasses in contact sports is out of the question.  Sure, there are the exceptions of thick glasses with the elastic backs, but the constant hassle is frustrating.  Plus, you tend to look pretty dorky, no offense.  Sweat, dirt, and weather conditions make it difficult to wear contacts as well. However, whether it is monitoring the play clock or interpreting the distance for a put, keen vision is essential.  So what’s the solution? That’s where LASIK surgery comes in.

Professional Athletes Who Had LASIK

As human beings, we’re all looking for the next big thing. For athletes, they’re looking for the solutions that will make them jump higher, run faster, and perform stronger.  Whether it’s turning to the latest development in shoe technology or less appropriate solutions (we’ll call them “supplements”), they’re just looking for that little touch of magic to elevate the game. Those with vision impairment are turning to a solution that isn’t a fluke, frowned upon, or superstitious; even if it does seem like magic.

These superstar athletes underwent LASIK procedure and have left their mark on the sports world for years to come.

Professional Athletes who had LASIK

Lebron James | NBA

Right when you think that James has reached his peak, a stellar season proves otherwise.  You might not have seen that coming, but The King did.

Lindsey Vonn | Olympic Skiier

Speeding down a hill 80-90 miles per hour with blurred vision? No thanks.  Now, Vonn holds the record for most World Cup appearances by a woman.

Tiger Woods | Professional Golfer

Do you think “Eye of the Tiger” was written before or after LASIK surgery became a thing and Tiger won countless championships?

Amy Van Dyken | Olympic Swimmer

Van Dyken couldn’t believe her eyes while counting the four gold medals she won in a single Olympic Game, the first in Woman’s History.

Greg Maddox | MLB

Known as “The Professor,” Maddox was smart enough to undergo LASIK.  He became the only pitcher to ever record 300 wins, 3,000 strikeouts, and less than 1,000 walks.

Preparing For LASIK

The Davis Eye Center uses CONTOURA Vision and the WaveLight Refractive Suite for the most precise results.  As with any medical procedure, there are bound to be uncertainties.  Such as, how safe is LASIK?  That is why we use the most advanced technology at the Davis Eye Center.  Additionally, our eye doctors carefully examine your history and the health of your eyes to determine if LASIK is the right solution for you.  If not, our team of eye care professionals can offer you the best alternative to LASIK.  Regardless, call today to set up your appointment and be well on your way to improved vision care!