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ICL Eye Surgery | Implantable Collamer Lenses | LASIK Alternative

Our patient’s voice is always heard at the Davis Eye Center.  If your vision is not the best it can be, we go through all of the options including glasses, LASIK, and alternatives to LASIK such as ICL Eye Surgery, PRK Surgery, and Refractive Lens.  Our purpose is to achieve the best results for each and every one of our patients based on their eyes’ blueprint.

If you are seeking the benefits of LASIK but have been told that it isn’t right for you, Implantable Collamer Lenses may be the solution for you. If during your FREE consultation, Dr. Davis confirms LASIK isn’t the best option, he’ll talk to you through the many vision-correcting alternatives including ICL. 

ICL eye surgery

What is ICL Eye Surgery?

Implantable Collamer Lenses, or ICL,  is an alternative to LASIK surgery. ICL is for patients between the ages of 21- 45 who endure moderate to high nearsightedness. ICL eye surgery is for patients who do not want to go through the LASIK procedure or are not a good candidate for LASIK. One of the tell-tale signs that a patient is not a good candidate for LASIK is the thickness of their corneas.  If their corneas are too thin, ICL may be the solution for you. 

How does ICL eye surgery work?

During the ICL procedure, a thin collamer lens is inserted behind your iris to correct your vision.  Since our body naturally contains collagen, the collamer lens is made with a material containing collagen to allow the lens to sync harmoniously with your eye for a natural feel. ICL requires two separate procedures that typically each take less than 30 minutes to complete.  

The first step will occur one to two weeks before the actual lens insertion procedure.  Dr. Davis will make 2 microscopic incisions near the edge of the iris to prevent pressure from building up in the eyes after the lens is inserted. In order to accomplish this, he will apply a topical anesthetic and may give you some medication to help you relax. 

This step will only take a few minutes. The next step occurs on the day of the lens insertion.  Dr. Davis will again place numbing drops in your eyes and may give you some medication to help you relax.  While you are laying in a chair to relax, another small incision is made in each eye’s cornea and a folded lens is inserted through this incision.  Once the lens is inside the incision, it will unfold and Dr. Davis ensures it is in the proper place. This process typically lasts less than 30 minutes. 


How Should I Prepare?

On the day of your ICL eye surgery, please ask a friend or family member to drive you to and from your appointment.  Due to the type of surgery, you won’t be able to drive yourself. As mentioned before, the ICL procedure is two separate appointments.  Each last around 30 minutes from start to finish.  Other than arranging transportation, all you really have to do is sit back in your chair and relax while Dr. Davis does his magic. 

What to Expect After an ICL Procedure

ICL is considered minimally invasive as it requires no stitches, little downtime and does not alter the cornea shape. In fact, many patients report improved vision almost immediately following the procedure. The doctor may prescribe eye drops to be taken to prevent infection or inflammation and artificial tears to help lubricate the eye. Within 24-48 hours after surgery, a follow-up visit with your doctor will be scheduled to monitor your progression.  Multiple follow-up visits over the following months will also be conducted to ensure vision stabilization.

Generally, we advise waiting for at least one to two days after surgery before driving and beginning any non-contact sports to give your eyes time to adjust to the new lenses.  It is highly encouraged to speak with your doctor before resuming any activity as each patient will experience variable healing times. 

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