• How long does surgery take?

    On the day of cataract removal surgery, you will be with us for approximately 2 hours. However, your surgery will only take about 10 minutes.

  • What are my postoperative restrictions?

    As you are recovering from surgery, we ask that you refrain from pools and hot tubs for one week and follow all your postoperative instructions very carefully. You may not drive the day of surgery, but many of our patients drive themselves to their postoperative visit the following day. Many patients also often return to work the very next day.

  • What is my recovery time after surgery?

    Vision after surgery is variable and is affected by many things including the age of the patient, the severity of the cataract and the overall condition of the eye. Most patients report blurry vision the day after cataract surgery with improvement and stabilization of their vision within 1-2 weeks. We require patients to use prescription eye drops to help their eyes recover for about three weeks. After your vision has stabilized and the eye is fully recovered, we will prescribe new glasses if needed.

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